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All That is Special Is Stefani Special


Stefani Special is an amazing new face that is taking the TS Porn industry by storm.  I myself always take notice of a bright new energetic and amazing performer that comes on the scene.  I was very excited to talk to and get to know more about Stefani and I hope you will enjoy getting to know her more also.

Tyra:  Stefani Special is a very unique name, how did your “special” name come to be?

Stefani: Thank you Tyra!  I wish I could tell you an awesome story about how my name came about but honestly, “Special” is just a word that sounded cool & stage ready after “Stefani”.  Since then my fans have shown me it’s a good one for me because not only am I an all-natural beautiful Trans-woman but I top, bottom & I enjoy/practice BDSM & all things Kink from both sides of the D/s power exchange spectrum.  Also, I’m Pansexual which is an awesome thing meaning I’m at least sexually attracted to men, women, trans-women, trans-men & gender queers that interest &/or arouse me.


Tyra:  The term Pansexual dates back to 1917 but is becoming quite a common term or form of “sexuality”.  When did you first identify as being “pansexual” and how has it affected your romantic relationships? 

Stefani: Yes! Pansexuality is being attracted to the person & not a specific gender or sex. I am attracted to all sexes & genders as long as I am attracted to the person first & foremost.  I think the world is opening to more since we are finally starting to break away from the traditional gender binary. People are coming out as Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Omni or Pans everywhere because they have realized that they do not HAVE to be “hetro normative”. People are realizing that happiness is happiness & it can come in many different forms.  If you’re happy, why try to hide or deny it just to please the ever judging eyes of the conservative society? Likewise, if you’re looking for love, why limit yourself to just one sex or gender IF that is not your sole attraction? We are enlightening to the idea that we are NOT in control of our sexual orientations & that they are hardwired in us from the earliest stages of life. We are taking control of our own sexual & romantic destinies instead of just doing as society says in order to be “normal”. It’s great because all its doing is opening the world up to more opportunities for happiness & less need for “closets” or “secret sex lives”.


I knew I liked more than just one sex (only sex at this time because gender is something I didn’t learn about till later on) ever since I lost my virginity to a guy & a girl in the same year at the age of 15. Separate occasions of course but still in the same year. Since then I’ve explored some more & discovered that I have the same level of attraction & potential to develop feelings for TS men, women & gender queers also.  Honestly, it’s just opened me up to more possibilities of finding love.

Tyra:  Your first scene debuted December 2012.  What was it like being in front of a camera that very first time?

Stefani: It was fun but I thought it would be a much bigger thing than it actually was. lol  It was a guy taking/recording sexual pictures & video of me in a hotel room. I had met the photographer, Omar Wax prior to the actual shoot & he’s a cool guy. Everything went smooth. It was a fun new experience for me & I couldn’t wait to explore much more. Now I have experienced much more with much more to come. Now I need much more cum! Bukkake please.

Tyra:  Who is a role model for you within the industry and Why?

Stefani: That’s a hard one because I admire more than a few people in this industry. Since we’re on the subject of actual role models in the sex industry here is a list of people that I admire or have inspired me for one reason or another:  Bailey Jay, Vaiinity, Mandy Mitchell, Maitresse Madeline, Sasha Grey, Belladonna, Princess Donna.

First off, Baliey Jay & Vaiinity because they were among the first beautiful Trans women I ever seen portrayed in a sexual way. Mandy Mitchell because of what she did & wanted to do with Trans Kink & also the sex workers retreat. Maitresse Madeline because she changed the cam show game & what she’s done & is going to continue to do for the Kink porn community. Sasha Grey & Belladonna because of their performance as entertainers alone & how Sasha used porn as a stepping stone to mainstream things. Also, Belladonna because she is still artistically sexy after porn. Princess Donna because she went from a BDSM slave in training to the Princess of Kink. I look up to her ideas & sometimes I think I’m her when I dominating a scene partner or client. 😉

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Tyra:  What is your superpower, or your spirit animal?

Stefani: My superpower I’m not sure of yet but I do know that my spirit animal is the Butterfly. Which works out lovely because, I love butterflies. :)

Tyra:  What is your passion in life?

Stefani: I’m very passionate about new experiences. I enjoy living life to the fullest extent possible while I still can.  A huge passion & goal of mine in porn is enlightening the world to versatile pansexuality through the art of performance.

Tyra: I think that is a wonderful goal to have for your career.  I became aware of pansexuality within the last year.  With the world opening up to Transsexualism and transsexual porn being one of the most viewed online porn formats, I think that pansexuality is not far off from that. Do you find yourself geared more towards pansexual themed scenes and would be your dream scene?

Stefani: Thank you Tyra!  Honestly, I think everybody watches our (TS) porn in one way or another. Lol Although, it really saddens me to know that our market is the only big market that remains “closeted” or anonymous. I hope that one day viewers of TS porn will be as open & involved as viewers of mainstream porn. I hope one day that TS porn can join in alongside straight, gay & lesbian porn as another form of mainstream sexual entertainment.

I really love my job so I wouldn’t consider myself as geared towards any one type of scene more than another. I see myself as a people pleaser so I like to play to the role that my scene partner’s vibe &/or director’s idea calls for.

I’d love to do a pansexual production! It’d be completely awesome to do a DVD or something involving a genetic girl, another TS-woman, a TS-man or gender queer individual & a guy. The possibilities would be endless! Lol


Tyra:  Who are some industry people you would love to work with?

Stefani: That’s a really tough one because there is just so very much I want to do in this industry. I truly LOVE sex! Sexual exploration & opportunities to experience things I don’t always get the chance to experience in my off screen life are some of the main reasons I got into this industry.

Besides the people I listed as role models or influences above, I really want to set up a series (Yes, a series because I know one wouldn’t be enough.) of extreme BDSM & fetish shoots with Professional Dominatrix & model, Kitty Doll.

Eva Lin said she was impressed by my Trans 500 scene with Ramon. She really impresses me also so naturally, I’d love a scene together so we could impress each other first hand. :)

I would rather not go on naming names of models because my list could get quite long. Lol Instead I’ll list companies.

Aside from my main squeeze Grooby, I really enjoy working with Evil Angel. Joey Silvera is a blast to work with & I look forward to working with him again in the future. Aiden Riley’s stuff for Belladonna Ent. looks fun & of course the company was started by one of my favorite performers. Jay Sin’s TS Playground series looks hot. Dana Vespoli has a TS DVD out that looks really cool & her mainstream stuff is very impressive. was great & I really hope I get to work with them more. Pink & White is awesome & I can’t wait to work with them again. Courtney Trouble has some really exciting stuff I’d like to get involved in. FTM Fucker is something else I really want to do. James Darling is such a handsome young man. Trans 500 was so much fun & hopefully I get to work with them a lot more. Devil’s Films is a company I haven’t worked with yet but their stuff looks exciting, especially Transsexual Gangbangers.

It’s a lot I know but I’m a dirty minded little slut when it comes to this porn. :)

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Tyra:  How old were you when you recognized yourself as being transgendered?  How did your family react?

Stefani: I was young! 4-5 y/o when I realized that I’m a girl. I had nothing but girls as friends I hung out with & I was generally more comfortable around my gender. Then I discovered that their sex was not my sex & that caused me a lot of confusion.  My family always thought it was just a phase I was going through & didn’t pay much mind to it. They saw me as a boy because they thought they had a son/grandson. Anything I did outside of what they expected a growing boy to do was just written off as me being a kid or being silly.

Puberty really sucked. Both of them! Klinefelter syndrome or being born as an XXY male really becomes hell when puberty begins. Add Male to Female Transsexualism & strong Gender Dysphoria into the mix & then you can start to understand my budding years. Ugh!

Then I got older & became much more secluded because I really felt like I was alone in the way I felt. Being a girl trapped inside a male body was very disheartening. I really didn’t know that there was anyone like me. Then I started researching & finally put a name to what I am & saw that I was not the only one by far.

Then I ran from & hid my Transsexualism from everybody & things got really ugly & dark with my mental & physical well-being. I became even more defiant than I already was. Drugs & alcohol really allowed me dissociate from reality & to basically live in my own head. It got to the point where I was going to transition & be happy or I was going to kill myself because I was not going to live someone else’s life. I said FUCK IT & let go of all the bullshit to become who I was meant to be.  Once I began transition, everybody’s view of me dramatically changed. I have a loving supportive family & some good friends back in TX that I need to visit more often.

Tyra: You said that drugs and alcohol allowed you to dissociate from “reality” and to in a sense live in your own head.  Do you feel that you were using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism so that you wouldn’t have to face that reality of being transgendered?

Stefani: Absolutely! I would stay high on various drugs before transition but as soon as I started my transition & began to see & feel my body & mind align better…all that stopped.

Tyra: Now that you have transitioned, do your parents accept you and identify you as their daughter?

Stefani:  Yes, they love & support their daughter. They don’t approve of all my choices but that’s another story.

Tyra: What was life like growing up in Texas?

Stefani: Well, growing up as somebody different in conservative little ol’ Wichita Falls, Texas…actually wasn’t all that bad. lol I could tell you some stories though.

Tyra:  I would love to hear some of those stories, and I think the fans would too.  Did you find the people of Wichita Falls open to you being transgendered or did you feel shunned?  Did you experience much discrimination?

Stefani: Lol maybe another time we’ll have “Stef’s Special Story time”. 😛  Yes & no. Some were cool & some weren’t so cool. Pretty much like everywhere else, if you don’t fit in just mind your own business & get somewhere where you can be surrounded by people who love & care about you.

Tyra:  Define yourself in one word.

Stefani: Special 😉

Tyra: Define your sex life in one word.

Stefani: Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyra: I am sure all of your fans are wondering, are you single?

Stefani: Maaaybe… 😉

Tyra: Describe a typical day in the life of Stefani Special. 

Stefani: I’d rather not because it varies due to whether or not we are talking about a work day or an off work day. Also, I might let you down because I’m just the girl next door.

Tyra: What are some of your hobbies outside of the adult industry?  

Stefani: Exercising, yoga, reading, studying, arts & crafts, listening to music, hanging with friends, having sex, practicing BDSM (which is part of my sexual orientation & not just for my occupation) Also I love going to thrift stores just to see what I can find.


Tyra:  Many tgirls have plastic surgery to help feminize their faces and bodies.  Personally I think you are absolutely gorgeous.   Have you had any “work” done? 

Stefani: Awww, thank you Tyra! That means a lot coming from a woman as gorgeous as you.  No I haven’t had any work done yet but I may in the future. I’m very thankful for my good genes & HRT.

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